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2003 Road King Classic



This is the bike that I love.  After years and years of wanting to be back on a bike,  my Honey of a husband bought this beauty as a 25th wedding anniversary present,  Ok, so  I don't ride it myself, but sit down, shut up and hang on is good enough for me.

Everyone remembers their first ride, and I'm no exception.  I have to admit, the first was on (please forgive me) a Honda.  At least it was fast, and black, and looked a lot like this one below.  It was a '73 750 err...(cough, cough)...Honda. 




 After that first time, I found out what a real bike looks and feels like on the back of a 58 panhead.  Black and chopped.  From that point on, it was Harley or nothing!

  Back in my Panhead days, the group I was riding with gave me the nickname Butterfly.  It stuck, and part of me will always be Butterfly.  As the saying goes, you can take the butterfly off the bike, but you can't take the bike out of the butterfly.  







 Actually, this riceburner  almost looks a teensy little bit like the chopper I spent so many good times on.  There is something about a black bike that kinda rocked my world.  (This one has the most gorgeous etching on the windshield. But according to the specs, it's a little hard on the fanny. Who cares anyway~ it's still a Honda. 


Now this beauty below is in fact,  the genuine article of my affection my husband so lovingly purchased in honor of our wedding anniversary.




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I have to thank Ed, the LIHOGS, and my husband, because we have just bought our firsst Harley. I can only assume, he read my site, and listened to my show enough to figure out, the chick will be a biker....on or off the bike.  Plus, once he sat on a Wide Glide, he knew it was time.


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