Welcome to my very purple website.  ;) 

I've been working on the site for over 10 years, and it has grown from just my interest in Radio, to a huge site encompassing everything from graphic Snowglobes to Harleys.  (Ok, Harleys were added pretty early ...what can I say? There's something about 1000 pounds of steel that is indescribable.)

There is a large section devoted to Mystical Realms, and Web Competion that has been part of my online life for 7 years.  If you want more traffic to your site, and getting to make some awesome friends, win beautiful awards and just have fun online without any farms - check our my Mystical Realms pages and visit them at http://twopagans.com

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There's music on most of the pages, you can click the control at the bottom of the page to turn it off if you don't like what I've picked for the page.

(I have disabled the right click function, due to people taking my graphics.  If you see something you want, please email me and I will tell you where to get it,  send it to you or sell it to you.)

I hope you enjoy your visit, and come back often.  Please check out my Mission Statement, and consider joining the Bravenet webring celebrating Purple.

Did I mention that 99.99% of my pages are Purple?  Can't help it.  Purple is a way of life for me.  ;) 

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Thanks for coming by!

~ Kat Kokonut