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The Shows have been cancelled...I called Ashcroft an NO NO...We'll be back!

   Kat's live each Saturday night 6-10pm Eastern, and Sundays from 5-8pm. Don't miss The Kat & Ed Show, Sundays 5-7pm featuring Ed Levy as Wonderboy. If you like Risque' Radio, phone calls, off beat news and off the wall guests, you won't want to miss Kat's special brand of One-Handed Radio. (You'll need the other hand to dial the phone!)

 "Call me at the radio station. The studio number is 631 727-1390.  Be part of the show, or offer me an overnight shift at YOUR radio station."

That's how it was for 5 good years. But in the time I've been off the air, I've been putting more of myself into the website, showing off all my Gemini Day Dreams.  I'm into friendship clubs, helping people, Mystickal Realms, and so much more.  But let's take a step back and see how it all started.


More Information (than you'll ever need to know)

Kat's love of radio began when she heard "Catch a Falling Star" in her grandfather's aqua '58 Mercury.  A 3rd grade class trip to local radio station WHLI, marked her 1st time on the air.  When the announcer asked who wanted to talk on the radio, Up shot her hand.  "I do. I do!"  she said. The announcer came out of his spots and asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up. She giggled that little laugh of hers and said

    "I'm gonna have Your job. I'm gonna talk on the Radio!"    

It was love at 1st word, and she knew she would be cozying up to a microphone forever. So naturally, her father took away all the radios in the house. Undaunted, and ever the rebellious Gemini, Kat began doing radio in 1979, using a variety of aliases and voices. She worked as a telephone screener for an up and coming radio star (Tom Who?) before heading back to Hofstra U. for a degree in Radio Broadcasting. There she learned all there was to know, and a lot she should never have been allowed to learn.   A phone call from Ed brought her to WRIV.  Now she's looking for a graveyard shift, because after all, that's when all the spiritually aware, night workers, and kindred spirits  are  awake and listening to the radio.

   Behind the smiles, was an ugly secret. I was sexually abused as a child by my Grandfather.  When I told the truth, my father began beating me.  In spite of all this, I remain a kind and gentle person.

   Kat loves Elvis, New Music, Phone Calls, Talk Shows, Purple and Aqua. She dabbles in double entendre, and is more than willing to let any of her alter egos emerge on air, creating a signature show of schizophrenic radio.

      You've gotta hear it to believe it.

Name Dropping (Oh, why not?)

Kat became Snapper & Roxanne on the Simone Phone in 1979 on WPIX 102, hosted by Mark Simone with sidekick Tom Leykis. While Mark was on vacation, Alan Colmes filled in, and became another of Kat's Radio Prey. PIX pulled the plug on New Wave music in early '80, and Tom Leykis hosted a memorial for the station that started it all, on WBAI.

During a stint as telephone screener for Tom's Cable TV Show, Tom turned Snapper on to the infamous Crank Call Show, and the world famous Long John Nebel Tapes of Hank Hayes. She and Mr. Computerhead also got to know Howard Hoffman, one of the most talented guys in the voice over industry, while he was the night jock at WPLJ.

In the Fall of '81 Tom left WBAI and headed off to Albany, on his way to fame and fortune, and Kat went back to Hofstra, and took WRHU (then WVHC) by storm. Alan Colmes had gone to Hofstra, and was amazed to discover this 'lunatic with all the names & characters' was in his own words "A Real Live Person". He came down and did a few shows with Kat at Hofstra's station over the years, and has not been able to shake her since.

Robin, the frustrated singer made her entrance on WABC with Alan Colmes, during Mondale's bid for the presidency in 1984. For a few years, Kat was cast as Mrs. Boss for Alan's show, till it got a little dicey, when another man answered the Boss'   Wife's phone. Oh Well, that's Show Business.


The Sexiest Voice in New York Radio Loves:

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     The Lord & Christianity

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     Elvis P&C (Presley & Costello of course!)

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     Purple any shade, any object, any texture. 

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     Radio Talk Shows

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     Harley Davidsons

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     New Music

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     Spirituality & Psycho-Anything-ism

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)     Betty Boop (Especially on a Harley)

    turq_star.gif (2532 bytes)      ~9~


Snapper's Hot Shots - (Where we go when we're not on the air)

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~ Official Site for Alan Colmes www.BeautyWalk.com ~ Peter Lamas' Beauty Site
www.Effortlessprosperity.com ~ Bijon's Daily Kharma
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www.Multiplepersonality.com Judy Castelli's site

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