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Fascinated by psychics and mediums from an early age, I continue to look for the best possible connections.  I have rated a number of  sites that might be of interest to you in your personal quest for  spiritual uplifting.  Enjoy.  Oh, and on the next page you can have your fortune told just for fun.

www.Effortlessprosperity.com ~ All right, just because he was the official ĎGuruí of the Kat &EdShow does not mean his site getstop billing.†He gets Top Billing because he's a great medium, and makes a happy life look easy.   Bijan offers a new way of living in our new age reality. I personally visit this site daily, as part ofmy morning ablutions.

 www.thefutureminders.com  This has to be the most precision bam for the no bucks sight I've found.  They are loaded with free services, biorhythms, timing for life decisions, too much stuff to list.  They even have a paid subsciption service, and I might try that one one day.


www.lotustarot.com ~  This is an awesome site that offers in addition to free readings, free tarot courses.  Her link page is phenomenal, and the whole site merits a link in your favorites menu.

www.Mysticalcraft.com ~  What can I say about an earthbound Angel?  All right, maybe she isn't an angel, but Arriana is the next best thing.  She worked very hard to put together this site, and she is a very loving, caring, giving individual.  She offers lots of free stuff, and the best readings I've found on the web.   When you check the prices of a lot of other websites, Mysticalcraft.com is by far the biggest bang for the buck.  Please check her site.   You'll keep going back time after time.  (We had her on the Kat &EdShow, and her warmth, caring, and craft came pouring out over the airwaves.)

www.Astrology.com~ Thereís no Miss Cleo here.IVillage hosts this site, which is the teaming of Astronet.com & Astrology.com.They give you (in my humble opinion) some of the most accurate ( No Hype)Free Reports.Iíve had my Natal Chart, and other forecasts ~ free of charge~ and they have been (excuse the expression) Balls On Accurate.And I donít mean crystal!Naturally they offer all kinds of paid reports but I give my extra cash to charities.Itís better Karma.

www.Spiritualitea.com ~ Here's a great site for those of you who are looking for hands on magick.  More of an emphasis on active Wiccan things.

www.Spirituality.com~Donít confuse this one with the above.Another well rounded site for holistic advice, as well as articles to help you live a life more attuned to the cosmic forces within your grasp.

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